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Genre: Comedy, Musical
Episode Name: Big Time Lies
Air date: 5/16/2013
Summary: Kendall tries to keep Jo from discovering Lucy has returned to the Palm Woods; Logan lies about being sick; Carlos and James tell a lie to cover their destruction of Gustavo’s office.

Parents need to know that aside from a hefty dose of improbability, there’s little to worry about in this tween-friendly comedy. Sure, the teen characters’ lives are a little too sanitized, and even relatable woes like the pressures of school and dating are hardly cast in a realistic light, but overall the show is full of lighthearted fun that’s not likely to be misinterpreted by media-savvy tweens. Parents may take issue with how the guys always seem to get their way with the adults around them, but it’s doubtful that any of their extreme stunts would have similar outcomes in the real world.

In BIG TIME RUSH, four teenage friends leave the snowy Midwest to follow their dream of becoming successful recording artists. After music executive Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Kramer Glickman) discovers Kendall (Kendall Schmidt) at an open casting call for a new band, he and his longtime pals James (James Maslow), Logan (Logan Henderson), and Carlos (Carlos Pena) head to Los Angeles with Kendall’s mom (Challen Cates) and little sister (Ciara Bravo) in the hopes that they’ve got what it takes to become the hot new band. But once there, they discover that it will take more than big dreams and flashy smiles to break through the competition.

At a time when reality series like American Idol promise to turn average Joes into overnight stars, the idea of a series based on the aftermath of a person’s “discovery” is an enticing one — even if it is fictitious. The show offers a lighthearted glimpse at the conflicting forces that exist between the guys’ dreams of starting a career and their efforts to make the most of their fleeting teenage years.

Big Time Rush certainly doesn’t try to incorporate much reality into its storylines, but for most tweens, separating this type of content from anything that might relate to their own lives is a no-brainer, so there’s little concern in allowing them to tune in.

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Genre: Comedy, Musical
Episode Name: Big Time Scandal
Air date: 5/9/2013
Summary: Lucy releases her album about being dumped by Kendall; James creates an Internet rumor that he and Cher Lloyd are recording a duet.

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On the season premiere of the totally-good Nickelodeon show concerning a boy band that exists both in real life and on the show (think: MTV’s 2Ge+her only not a joke), former hockey players turned boy banders Big Time Rush return to find that the British are invading their country and their territory. Yep, the unstoppable conglomerate that is One Direction is zoning in on the US as they prepare for a country-wide tour that will inevitably lessen America’s interest in Big Time Rush and cause them to become immediately irrelevant. Or at least, that’s how 1D’s success makes the boys in BTR feel.

So what is a boy band to do?! After throwing spitballs at each other, they speak to their manager Gustavo, a Guy Fieri-looking guy, who opens up a map and guides the boy banders through a strategic game of Boy Band Risk. Gustavo places dated placards down over cities to come up with a tour route that will trap or weaken One Direction’s cross-country schedule. Gustavo suggests launching BTR’s tour in DC, “to protect the capital,” before the head of the record company barges in to explain that the only way to triumph over the influx of British Boy Bands is to become the next best thing—to cease to be a boy band at all.

But BTR doesn’t want that—they want to stick around!– so they decide to fire Gustavo and begin the hunt for a new manager. They first meet with Alan Sharpe, a iconic showbizzer inspired by Lou Pearlman, who has managed great American boy bands like The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. Sharpe promises them a spot on The Daily Show, viral videos, and other great gigs, and declares hilariously, “ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT FOR THE AMERICAN BOY BAND?” Heck yeah we are!

Outside of Sharpe’s office immediately following the boy’s meeting, another smooth talking man– this one bald and driving a white convertible– throws large complimentary water bottles the band’s way and introduces himself as Mitchell Gold. Gold is here, of course, to persuade BTR that they ought to sign with him instead. Gold claims to have his finger on the modern-day pulse, called Sharpe old, and promised the band a feature on the new Gavin DeGraw single. (The new Gavin DeGraw single. Do 10-18 year olds even understand how funny that is?)