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Genre: Reality-TV, Family
Episode Name: Tell All, Part 2
Air date: 5/14/2013
Summary: Kristie Ray is quick to defend Abby; Melissa is annoyed by Jackie and her daughter Sophia Lucia; Abby battles with Cathy.

I am not above Dance Moms — Season 1 was a surprise hit, and the beginning of Season 2 made for some of the best candid reality TV-viewing in recent history. The second half of this season, however, definitely lost some of the magic. Everything good and bad with the current state of Dance Moms was seen in last night’s finale, “Nationals 90210,” which says two things: 1) There’s still so much potential in this Lifetime series and 2) The current storylines have peaked, and it’s time for a change. If Abby and the gang don’t straighten some factors up by next season, we doubt we’ll make it through much more of her drama… after all, ahhhveryone’s replaceable.

Oh my gosh, we get it: Maddie is the superstar and every mom hates Melissa and Abby for it. It’s not like their frustration is unfounded, but I am so sick of watching the moms rehash the same stupid fight about Abby not loving their kids as much as she loves Maddie — and I’m sick of Abby’s blatant partiality. Just because the other girls aren’t as freakishly talented as Maddie (though Chloe is getting better every day) doesn’t mean Abby shouldn’t play to their talents and give them attention, too — last night, for example, Brooke and Mackenzie were fantastic, and we’ve definitely seen great work from Nia and Kendall earlier this season, too. (Paige has been getting no love recently, but she also once had a top-notch solo, back in the day.) At this point, it’s become more boring and predictable than infuriating, and if we have to watch everyone poorly-argue this obvious fact one more time, we’re changing channels.